Three Pilates Tips To Shovel Snow Safely

As we brave through Snowzilla 2016, here are three tips from your Epiphany Pilates classes to shovel snow safely:


1. Shoulder Stability - Be sure to draw your shoulders blades down and back, locking them in place and activating your upper back extensors before you lift the shovel.                   

2. Core Power - Bend the knees and maintain a "C" curve, activating your deep abdominal muscles to support your low back before lifting heavy loads of snow.

3. Rotate Wisely - Think "Spine Twist" on the mat when you rotate from side to side, lengthening the spine and reaching the crown of your head upwards as you rotate to protect your back and maximize the power of your obliques.


Although the studio is closed this weekend, let's put our hard work to the test. We will back on the mat this week - Tuesday 7:30pm, Friday 10:00am, and Saturday 8:30am - in the meantime, reserve your spot now at Stay safe and warm!

Eurona Tilley