Expectant Moms Who Exercise Have Smarter Babies

The evidence is clear that expectant moms who exercise regularly not only feel better and move better during their pregnancies, but labor for less time than women who do not exercise during pregnancy and require fewer epidurals, episiotomies, and cesarean deliveries. Now research shows that the benefits of prenatal exercise also extend to the baby. A study published last month in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology revealed that babies born to women who exercised regularly during their pregnancies had more mature brain development than babies born to women who remained sedentary throughout their pregnancies. The team of researchers at the University of Montreal who conducted the study found that the newborns of exercising moms had enhanced responses to both sound discrimination and auditory memory.


Epiphany Pilates offers a comprehensive Prenatal & Postnatal Program that includes specially-designed Pilates mat, Pilates equipment, and barre fitness classes for new and expectant moms. Each class consists of safe exercises to provide overall conditioning while strengthening and stretching all of the muscles that support proper alignment of the pelvis, including the deep abdominal muscles. Our program is not only designed to help prepare a woman's body for birth and to promote a quick recovery after birth, it may just make for smarter babies too.


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Eurona Tilley