Home Sweet Studio, Home

Epiphany Pilates Opens in Falls Church, Virginia


I remember the first time that I walked into a Pilates studio nearly 10 years ago. It was a beautiful space filled with natural light; plush white leather furniture; bamboo hardwood floors; top-of-the-line Pilates equipment; and, only young, size 0 instructors who looked as if they had stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. I felt so out of place in my snug, size 2XL sweat pants and oversized t-shirt. I had heard about the wonderful benefits of Pilates and I was desperate to give it a try.


It actually took some convincing on my part, but the studio reluctantly agreed to register me for a package of Pilates sessions. I went to the studio three times a week for the next two months; and, I literally began to work off the extra pounds and inches while learning to master the fundamentals of Pilates. Before long, I was hooked on the Pilates method and really, the entire Pilates approach to life. However, I never felt like I completely fit in at that studio and I decided that one day I would create a comfortable and inviting space where people of all shapes, sizes, and ages could experience the benefits of Pilates without feeling judged or intimidated or, simply, out of place. I envisioned a 'home away from home' where clients could explore the connection between mind, body and spirit on their individual quests for health and wellness.


I feel so blessed and honored to offer such a space to the residents of Northern Virginia in our new Falls Church location. Our new studio space is just what I had envisioned years ago and will always be a welcoming environment where everyone can realize the benefits of Pilates and experience the epiphany that has carried me through my journey towards health and happiness.

Eurona Tilley