10 Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Private Session At Epiphany Pilates

1. See real progress. Private Pilates sessions are the best way to progress through the Pilates repertoire, achieve your wellness and rehabilitation goals, and experience the full benefits of the Pilates method.

2. Find motivation. A series of private Pilates sessions could be just what you need to jumpstart your fitness program. If you haven’t worked out in a while or if you are growing weary of your current fitness regimen, a private session will provide motivation and encouragement.

3. Learn the fundamentals. Having difficulty mastering the Roll Up or maybe Rolling Like A Ball? A private Pilates session is the perfect time to master the fundamental Pilates movements that transcend all of the exercises, allowing you to sail through your next mat class.

4. Improve your form. A private Pilates session will pinpoint little tweaks in your form that could make a huge difference in how you feel during your daily activities and other fitness pursuits.

5. Explore modifications for your body. A private Pilates session will allow you to practice different modifications that may work better for your body, either to add more challenge or to accommodate an injury.

6. Develop a plan for success. A private Pilates session can be used to layout a series of exercises that can be performed at home to target key problem areas and to review the proper form to perform each exercise. A single one-on-one training session can go along way in helping you reach your goals and to get some ideas on how to enhance yourworkouts.

7. Be pushed. A private Pilates session will push you to work harder. Your session is sure toleave you feeling proud of yourself for taking it up to the next level.

8. Prevent injuries during your other physical activities. Whether you enjoy running, spinning, high-endurance weight training, or golfing, private Pilates sessions are the perfect way to cross train. Sessions will maximize your core strength and flexibility while preventing incorrect body alignment patterns and movements which lead to injuries.

9. Never get bored. Each private Pilates session incorporates a range of equipment - including the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillac, and Pilates Wunda Chair - maximizing challenge to your body and making it impossible to ever get bored.

10. Understand your body. Each private Pilates session allows you to better understand exactly where your body is today, where you want to take it tomorrow, and just how to get there.

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Eurona Tilley