Join Us for BootyBarre Instructor Training, Oct. 6-8th

Epiphany Pilates is thrilled to host bootybarre® training for the 3rd year in a row! If you are interested in joining the best barre family in the world along with our incredible team of barre instructors at Epiphany Pilates, click HERE for more information and registration details.

Why bootybarre®? Isn't a plié, a plié? There are certainly many barre certifications to choose from, but bootybarre® remains a cut above the rest for 3 important reasons:

1)    bootybarre® is rooted in sound Pilates and yoga principles and encourages proper alignment of the body through working in a neutral pelvis. Each move is anatomically based on proper biomechanics and all of this information is included in the course work, providing new instructors with the confidence needed to make appropriate modifications, if necessary, for each client in class.

2)    bootybarre® offers an incredible supportive community and endless continuing education. From online access to new choreography and cues for success to the yearly instructor summit with founder, Tracey Mallet, bootybarre® offers instructors the support needed to truly be a success at the barre.

3)    bootybarre® is just plain fun. With moves such as “Booty Hips” and “Elvis”, there’s no denying that you can’t teach or take a bootybarre® class without smiling. You are sure to leave the room feeling so much better than when you walked in!

Primary Instructor Training for new bootybarre® instructors will be offered Saturday, October 7 thru Sunday, October, 8th. Advanced instructor training for bootybarre® Sculpt will be offered Friday, October 6th. bootybarre® Sculpt training is only open to certified bootybarre® Plus and bootybarre® Flex & Flow instructors.

Eurona Tilley