Tension Headache Relief 101


by Mary Kubisch, CMT

The most common form of headache is the tension headache. While most people associate tension headaches with stress, they are in fact more often associated with a neck problem. Sometimes the muscles in the neck must compensate for an imbalance in the position of the head. The headache is caused by excessive pulling of the muscles in the neck which exert tension on the soft tissue attachments on the muscles covering the head.

Tips to relieve tension headaches:

1)      Soft Tissue Manipulation - You guessed it…. massage! Massaging the muscles of the neck and scalp with relieve the tension in the muscles.

2)      Stretching - Try neck stretches throughout the day. Stretch the head to shoulders gently side to side for a count of ten. And periodically let the head fall back to give it a break from the forward position.

3)      Heat - Use a heated neck pillow, a rolled-up heating pad or a hot compress for 10-15 minutes. Heat dilates the blood vessels and promotes blood flow which in turn will help sore and tightened muscles relax.

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Eurona Tilley