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10% off Becca Allen Photography Packages

Epiphany Pilates is proud to partner with Becca Allen Photography to offer a special pricing on motherhood, newborn and family photography packages. Epiphany Pilates clients can now enjoy 10% off of newborn photography and/or films as well as family film packages from Becca Allen Photography.

You may have noticed Rebecca Allen in the studio taking shots during our prenatal classes this month. Rebecca Allen is a lifestyle photographer who specializes in motherhood and family photography and films. Rebecca’s work reflects her desire to capture the grace in motherhood and the beautiful mess of family. Her goal is to capture emotion and authenticity – real moments in time – details you’ll soon forget as your children grow and go. 

For families who want to preserve moments and milestones of their lives with the added details of sound and motion, Rebecca offers newborn and family films. Imagine 20 years from now watching your newborn grab your hand, or the deep rise and fall of his chest as he sleeps, or hearing the laughter of your children as they play together. Imagine giving this heirloom piece to your child to share with your grandchildren. These films truly bottle up the phase of life that you’re in and tell the story of your family. View an example of her newborn film work HERE.  

Rebecca is a mother of twin 8-year olds and an Air Force spouse. She has worked internationally for families throughout the Middle East and Europe and is currently settled locally in Vienna. To learn more, visit




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