“Honor Your Body” Holiday Wish List

Honor Your Body_HolidayWishList.jpg

by Mary Kubisch, CMT

During the time of year when we shower our loved ones with gifts and special treats, it’s important to show our own bodies that same love and kindness. If your body could make a Holiday Wish List, these are the top 5 things it would ask for!

 #5 Foam Roller - Foam rollers are not only a piece of Pilates equipment, but these babies can help you self-massage! It is especially helpful to roll those tight and sore hamstrings, glutes and back.

#4 Spiky Balls - Perfect for hitting trigger points, laying on one of these can increase blood flow and remove tension. Spiky balls are especially helpful for relieving those pains we get in the trapezius muscles.  Anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis will also find relief rolling their foot on one of these balls.

#3 Heated Neck Wrap - Used for 15-20 minutes a day, a heated neck wrap can ease tension that accumulates in the neck and shoulders. Use a firm, heavy neck wrap to really penetrate the heat into the muscles. 

#2 Epsom Salts - Your body will love you for this! Soaking in a bath with Epsom salt helps to soothe and relax muscles. Be sure to try Epsom salts that also contain essential oils to turn your bath into a spa like experience.

#1 A Massage by Mary Gift Card - Massage has been proven to have so many benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Available in 60 or 90 minute increments, show your body the love it deserves. Contact Mary to purchase, mary@epiphanypilates.com.

Eurona Tilley