Registration Open for Our Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Classes


Next Session Begins Jan. 10th


Our next 6-week session of prenatal and postnatal classes will run from January 10th until February 16th, during which we will be offering the following:


Thursday, 6:30pm - Prenatal Pilates Mat

A 55-minute mat class for moms-to-be that incorporates a range of exercises - adapted for each trimester - to strengthen the pelvic floor and deep postural muscles while promoting body awareness in preparation for labor and delivery.


Saturday, 12:30pm - Mommy & Me Pilates Mat

A special 45-minute class designed to help new moms rejuvenate and restore their bodies, and meet other new local moms. Each class provides a great opportunity to bond with baby while realigning the pelvis, reactivating the core, and strengthening and stretching the entire body after delivery. Designed for moms and babies, from age 6 weeks until walking, each Mommy & Me Pilates class features exercises that incorporate the weight of baby to tone and sculpt muscles.

Saturday, 1:30pm - Prenatal Pilates Reformer

Designed especially for moms-to-be, this 55-minute class provides a challenging full-body workout using the Pilates Reformer. Clients will learn equipment settings as well as proper transitions for optimal flow between exercises while building strength and preparing the body for labor and delivery.


The cost of Prenatal Pilates Reformer is $235 per 6-week session and the cost of Prenatal Pilates Mat or Mommy & Me Pilates Mat is $150 per 6-week session. Space is limited; reserve your spot now!

For more information or to register, contact (703) 204-2200 or

Eurona Tilley