It’s February – Show Yourself a Little Love


By Mary Kubisch, CMT

 We made it through the holidays. January is over...thank goodness. During the first month of the year, everyone seems to tally everything that we did wrong over the last year and make resolutions to make it right. However, I like February better. We’ve had a month to get over ourselves and realize life is not about strict rules or deprivation; it’s about loving ourselves enough to take care of ourselves - our bodies, our minds and our spirits. Here’s how you can show yourself a little love this month:

Exercise. Our bodies were meant to move - to be loose, to be fluid. Exercise should not be punishment, it should be an expression of self love. Those of you in Pilates class know that feeling after class. Sure, you may be a bit tired, but your body feels looser, longer, more aligned. Eventually, after a enough classes, tiredness will turn into invigoration. That’s your body thanking you!

Eating right. Your diet should not be a punishment/reward system. I spent many years in that cycle, and it does not honor your body. We need a diet that fuels our bodies. A healthy diet gives us energy and makes us feel light. Did you know that we have a nutritionist coming on board? I can’t wait to talk to Estela and get her insight about how to better serve my body through food.

Massage. You know I was going to say this, right? There are so many health benefits of massage. I know a lot of people feel guilty getting a massage because it’s so relaxing; it feels like a luxury. Relaxation is not a luxury; pure and simple, it’s a necessity. That hour of massage can lower your blood pressure, increase your lymphatic system to help detoxify your body, and give your brain time to unwind. So I say, book that time and really enjoy it - guilt free. Feel the softness of the sheets, the warmth of the table. Let your mind relax as you listen to the tranquil music. Like exercise, you will start to feel energized after regular massages and your body will thank you for it.

Gratitude. I make a little list every night of things I am grateful for. It’s a way to end my day on a positive note. I am always grateful for the beautiful studio that I work in and all of the wonderful people who walk through the door.

To show my gratitude to all of you beautiful, positive people - I would like to extend a Love Yourself February massage special to all current Epiphany Pilates members. Book a massage between now and March 14, 2018 and take $10 off your session. When booking - just write “LovePilates” in the note. For questions about therapeutic massage services at Epiphany Pilates, contact Mary Kubisch,  Book now!

Happy February, Everyone!

Eurona Tilley