The Power of the Tower


There’s no getting around the fact that tight muscles are more easily injured. Sometimes the body gives us a wake-up call with a whisper as these muscles snap, crackle or pop; and other times, the body roars at us as moving these muscles becomes painful and we experience decreased range of motion. The secret behind the Pilates approach to total body conditioning is the ability of the exercises to strengthen and stretch at the same time. The Tower and it’s big brother the Cadillac are arguably the best pieces of Pilates equipment for those interested in stretching their muscles while building strength, awareness and control throughout the body.

Upon first glance, you may think that the Tower is a medieval torture device with all of the  attachments and springs. However, it’s this variety in spring location that enables the legs, arms and torso to work so efficiently, as the spring locations are customizable for a multitude of resistance and level options.

The Tower is a versatile, dynamic, fun and powerful piece of equipment that enables improvements in alignment, flexibility, and strength, without producing stress and strain on the joints. Many of the exercises on the Tower emphasize opening up the hips, hamstrings and chest while lengthening the spine and promoting abdominal control. Bottom line, a workout on the Tower is like none other and is sure to leave you feeling taller and lighter.

Epiphany Pilates offers a dedicated Tower class on Wednesday’s at 5:30pm. This class is suitable for beginners who have taken at least 3 Reformer classes as well as intermediate and advanced clients. Our Pilates Circuit classes on Monday’s at 12:00pm, Wednesday’s at 7:30pm, Thursday’s at 10:00am, and Thursday’s at 5:30pm also incorporate a range of Tower exercises. And, for those who want to explore the Tower repertoire in a one-on-one setting to better address misalignments and imbalances throughout the body, we do offer private training sessions. Don’t miss out on the power of the Tower!

Eurona Tilley