The Dynamic Duo Massage Special

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As we kick into high gear this fall at the studio, it’s important to set aside some time to relax and rejuvenate our muscles. The combination of a Pilates program and massage results in a stronger, relaxed and balanced body. The Dynamic Duo - Pilates training coupled with massage therapy - can alleviate chronic pain and tension points. In fact, regular Pilates and massage sessions is an optimal way to relieve aches and pains while reducing stress.

Pilates and massage techniques create balance in the body. Pilates will stretch and strengthen weak muscles while massage will relieve tension in problem areas. Both Pilates and massage work together to increase range of motion and improve quality of life.

We are pleased to offer the “dynamic duo” massage special this month. Each time you take a class in September, you will be entered to win 50% off your next 60-minute massage with Mary. That’s a $37.50 value!

Eurona Tilley