Pilates Is My Superpower Challenge

Epiphany Pilates_Pilates Is My Super Power.jpg

We all have a “Pilates Superpower.” It’s the Pilates exercise that you can execute perfectly with ease and precision. It feels amazing to your body and looks amazing to everyone around you in the room. Whether it’s the perfect Teaser, Parakeet, Roll-up, Short Spine or Front Support - you name it - we all have one. So this fall, we are kicking off the #PilatesIsMySuperpower challenge. The rules are simple:

  1. Like and follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook.

  2. Post a picture of you doing your “Pilates Superpower” and tag us on Instagram and/or Facebook along with the hashtags, #PilatesIsMySuperpower and #EpiphanyPilates. Photo must be marked public, so that we can all ooh and aah over it, to receive credit.

  3. Like and comment on a studio mates’ “Pilates Superpower” post.

The #PilatesIsMySuperpower challenge will remain open from now until Wednesday, November 27th at 11:59pm. Participants who complete all three (3) steps will win our new exclusive “Pilates Is My Superpower” t-shirt (value $28). One shirt per participant while supplies last. Plus, we will award the grand-prize winner who posts, likes, and comments the most during the challenge with an incredible Epiphany Pilates gift basket (value $250). Post early, post often!

Need assistance taking your photo? Feel free to ask your instructor or fellow studio mates after class to snap you in action. No photos should be taken during or before class, as this is disruptive to others and it’s important to perform a proper warm-up before saying “cheese.” Clients are welcome to ask for assistance taking pictures during private and semi-private sessions, at the instructor’s discretion.

Eurona Tilley