Introductory Rates End March 1st


We are sad to see our introductory prices go, but the good news is that it’s not too late to stock up now on pre-paid packages or to lock in at our introductory monthly membership rate. As of March 1st, our monthly membership rates along with the costs of a drop-in class and our 5-class and 10-class pre-paid packages will increase. Our new rates will be as follows:


Basic Monthly Membership - $119/Month

Premium Monthly Membership - $239/Month


Group Classes (Pilates Mat, Barre, and Yoga)  - $24

Pilates Equipment Classes (Reformer, Chair, Tower, Circuit)$39

Pre-Paid Packages

Basic Pre-Paid Packages (Expires after 90 days)

            5-Class Package        $115

            10-Class Package      $215

Premium Pre-Paid Packages (Expires after 90 days)

            5-Class  Package    $190

            10-Class Package   $365

If you are a current monthly member, however, this rate change will not impact your monthly fees. In appreciation of our loyal clientele, we’ve always honored memberships rates as long as they remain current. Be sure to visit our website or mobile app before the end of February to purchase a monthly membership at the current rates - $99/month for Basic and $199/month for Premium Membership - or to stock up on our pre-paid packages. BUY NOW!

Eurona Tilley