Camp Epiphany


Coming Summer 2018!

Awaken your mind, body and spirit this summer at Camp Epiphany! Designed for ages 11-16, participants will explore a range of mindful movement exercises to improve flexibility, strength and balance. Perfect for all fitness levels, Camp Epiphany provides the perfect introduction to Pilates, Barre, and Vinyasa Yoga. Participants will also explore approaches to incorporating mindfulness in their daily lives as well as tips and trips for eating healthy while staying fit.

Camp Epiphany will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00pm until 4:00pm.

Session 1: July 9 - July 20 (CLOSED)

Session 2: July 23 - August 3


Pilates Mat - Moving with Purpose: An in-depth exploration of the fundamental Pilates exercises designed to enhance balance, stability and core strength.

Pilates Mat - Playing with Props: A dynamic workout that builds upon the fundamental Pilates repertoire while incorporating the use of props to tone each muscle group, improve balance, and increase coordination.

Vinyasa Yoga Basics: An in-depth look at the fundamental Yoga postures focusing on proper alignment, efficient movement and breathing.

Barre Basics: An upbeat, fast-paced workout that incorporates the use of light hand weights to tone the arm and back muscles as well as high-energy cardio intervals to maximize the burn at the barre.

Barre Flex & Flow: A dynamic workshop that blends deep muscle toning, fluid movements, flexibility, and core strengthening through the use of flexbands to provide resistance.

Barre Sliders: A fun and energetic workout that incorporates the use of sliders to add extra balance and resistance challenge while intensifying the burn at the barre.

Cost: $249/session


For more information or to register, contact or 703-204-2200.

Eurona Tilley