Vinyasa Basics Workshop Series Starts this Fall


Are you interested in trying vinyasa yoga but not sure where to start? Are you looking for modification to help you take your vinyasa yoga practice to a new level?

Join Rosemary for a special 6-week Vinyasa Basics Workshop series from Saturday, September 15th until Saturday, October 27th at 4pm. Each 75-minute workshop will include an in-depth look at the fundamental Yoga postures and helpful modifications to make these poses accessible for all bodies. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced yogis wishing to focus on proper alignment, efficient movement and breathing.

Week One Sun Salutations (September 15th)

During the first week of the series, we will explore the poses that make up the vinyasa and  practice with props to refine alignment.

Week Two Standing Poses (September 22nd)

During the second week of the series, we will explore the typical standing poses and refine alignment.

Week Three Balance Poses (September 29th) 

During the third week of the series, we will take an in-depth look at the standing balance poses, using props to assist with proper alignment.

Week Four Twists (October 13th)

During the forth week of the series, we will discuss the benefits of twists and practice these poses.

Week Five – Hips (October 20th)

During the fifth week of the series, we will explore each of the hip poses and the benefits of each one.

Week Six Putting It All Together (October 27th)

The final week of the series will consist of one long asana practice using the skills developed and learned throughout each week.

Eurona Tilley