Is Chiropractor Care Right for Me?

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By Dr. Evan Lichtenauer

We typically think of chiropractic care as helping us with back pain, neck pain, and the occasional headache. We think of chiropractic care as temporary, helping us with short-term aches and pains. But chiropractic care is really much more than that.

An 80-year old woman enters the chiropractor’s office for the first time. She has massive degeneration throughout her spine, walks hunched over a walker, is unable to travel, exercise, and play with her grandkids. Another 80-year old woman enters the chiropractor’s office for her regular visit. Her spine is straight, possessing only minimal degeneration that comes with aging. She is in great health, and walks at a brisk pace. She can travel, stay active by playing golf, and takes her grandkids to the zoo. What’s the difference? 80 years of chiropractic care, versus 80 years of increasing degeneration and decreasing health.

The healthiest people in our country choose to be proactive with their health. They eat a balanced diet and exercise multiple times a week. But the missing link many of us forget is taking care of the system that controls every aspect of the body—the nervous system.

Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system. The nervous system is housed inside the brain and spinal cord, protected by the spinal bones. Through big traumas like car accidents, giving birth and falls, or small traumas like texting or sitting too long, our spine can get out of proper alignment, putting pressure on the spinal nerves. This pressure creates interference in the nervous system resulting in damage and dysfunction in the body, which manifest as aches, disease and dysfunction. Chiropractors realign the spine very gently and specifically, removing the interference, allowing the body to heal naturally. With a healthy spine and nervous system, we can live a full life into our geriatric years - still traveling, spending time with friends and family, and playing with our grandkids.

Dr. Evan Lichtenauer and his wife, Dr. Callan Lichtenauer, are opening Empower Chiropractic  in Fairfax next month. Specializing in chiropractic care for the entire family, Empower Chiropractic offers a technique with no twisting, cracking, or popping to ensure clients live as healthy as possible, as naturally as possible, for as long as possible.

Eurona Tilley